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Nickel & Nickel Alloy Material

Tool Peaks is also one of the leading exporters of high performance alloys related to nickel, copper and stainless steel mill products based on rapidly growing China, providing customers throughout the world with a comprehensive range of materials.

We supply high temperature, corrosion resistant, grades of nickel alloy metals for critical applications such as aerospace, oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, and electronic industries, etc. Materials are supplied in bars, rods, tube, sheet, plate and wire forms. Our long standing relationship with the premier mills allows us fast deliveries in customized condition such as annealed, solution treatment or age-hardened treatment.

Alloy 600,601,625 Rod and Bar ASTM B166/ASME SB166
Tube & Pipe ASTM B163,167/ASME SB163,167
Plate and Sheet ASTM B168
Alloy 718 Rod and Bar ASTM B637/ASME SB637
Plate and Sheet ASTM B670,906/ASME SB670,906
Alloy 725 Bar and Wire ASTM B805
Hastelloy C-22, C-276 Rod and Bar ASTM B574/ ASME SB574
Plate and Sheet ASTM B575/ ASME SB575
Seamless Tube ASTM B622/ASME SB622
Alloy 400 Rod and Bar ASTM B164/ASME SB164
Tube & Pipe ASTM B165,163/ASME SB165,163
Plate and Sheet ASTM B127/ASME SB127
Alloy K-500 Rod and Bar ASTM B865
Alloy 800,800H,800HT Rod and Bar ASTM B408/ASME SB408
Alloy 825 Rod and Bar ASTM B425,564/ASME SB425,564
Tube & Pipe ASTM B163,423/ASME SB163,423
Plate and Sheet ASTM B424,906/ASME SB424,906
NICKEL 200/201 Rod and Bar ASTM B160/ASME SB160
Tube & Pipe ASTM B161,163/ASME SB161,163
Plate and Sheet ASTM B162/ASME SB162
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