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Tool Peaks Industrial Co., Ltd. is a reliable Chinese manufacturer of Titanium Seamless Tubes. Our customers from industries such as heat exchanger, condenser, oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear power, desalination, pharmaceuticals, vacuum, evaporation, crystallization, etc are highly satisfied with our products and services.

Holding the manufacturer Xuyi Titan and Materials Co., Ltd. with 200 in staff, we shall be the strongest, most dependable, effective problem solving link in customers' value chain. Certified to ISO 9001:2008 by TUV and accessed to PED certificate, we have a good production quality management system and all materials can be supplied with high level of traceability. Tool Peaks adapts an integrate production system which includes melting, titanium forging, rolling, drawing, fabricating and testing, which enable us supply various range of sizes, covering all grades of CP titanium and most titanium alloys. Our main milling products are titanium seamless tubes, pipes, rod & bars, profiles, forgings and various kinds of finned tubes.

Tool Peaks is also one of the leading exporters of high performance alloys related to nickel, copper and stainless steel mill products based on rapidly growing China, providing customers throughout the world with a comprehensive range of materials.

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